Redis MqClient stuck in stopping state after opening laptop

I am building an application that uses Redis as by Mq backend along with ServerEvents. I run the application on my laptop and will close it when I am done for the night. When I re-open the laptop I will see the local web page reconnect to the SSE, however when I trigger a post event from the page which places a message in a queue, it will no longer be processed. I can visit mq/status and see the STOPPING status for the mq, and run both mq/stop and mq/start and the status still stays at STOPPING. If restart the application the queued item will be processed as expected. I know this is not an expected use case but thought it should be shared with the community.

Maybe it aborted the MQ background threads and restoring the App state after reopening the laptop isn’t triggering a recycling of the App Domain.

You can try calling TryResolve<IMessageService>().Start() from a different Route to see if it’s due to RedisMQ having stopped.