Redis 'NotifyOneWay' option - confirm my understanding

Just reading:

I can figure out how to “clear the message NotifyOneWay option”…the text suggests that if I don’t clear the option there would be a response “put back on a ‘transient’ message queue”. I expect there is no significant downside to having the response performance wise unless I change the 100 default and I can just leave it so that I can always listen to it later?

I was a little confused by it being called ‘NotifyOneWay’ rather than ‘Notify’…being a response, but perhaps the naming is to imply that it is not implicitly captured by the client that published the message.

…I think I understand, would like confirmation.

The Message Flow and Queue names are better documented in the Rabbit MQ Message workflow.

Where if there is no Service Response the Request DTO Message gets published on the transient .OutQ (you can get the name from QueueNames<T>.Out) and the QueueName gets published on the QueueNames.TopicOut topic which anyone else can subscribe to, to get notified when a message has been published. The transient Queue in Redis is just a rolling list of last 100 messages, so it doesn’t need to be managed.

It only gets published on the .outq if there is no Service Response which is why the MessageOption is called NotifyOneWay, if there is a response it gets published to the Response .inq instead (unless the message has a ReplyTo).