RedisPubSubServer has been disposed

I have a process on production that dies every two weeks approximately. The error message is as follows:

Just wondering if this is cause or effect. I am still in the middle of diagnosing the error and trying to work out if we have any unhandled exceptions anywhere but thus far I have not been able to find any.

It is possible that load is a factor although I have not proven that yet either.

I am operating on the assumption at the moment that an unhandled exception in one of the registered message handlers has caused the RedisPubSubServer to die. Are you able to tell me if that is possible ?

The Exception indicates that the RedisPubSubServer has been disposed, it’s only disposed when its Dispose() method is explicitly called which can happen when the AppHost is shutting down and disposes all its IDisposable dependencies. Message Exceptions do not dispose the entire RedisPubSubServer server.

There’s an OnDispose method on RedisPubSubServer which you can add custom logic when it’s disposing, if you use it to log the Environment.StackTrace you’ll be able to see the StackTrace that led to its Dispose() being called.

Thanks for the great information.