RedisPubSubServer just wont die

We’re getting the following error logged intermittently. Sometimes it correlates with other errors in our system, or periods of network instability, and other times it seems to just be happening on its own.

WARN  ESD1APOLYNGP01 ServiceStack.Redis.RedisPubSubServer RedisPubSubServer 1 just wont die, so we're now aborting it.

Is this something that needs to be addressed? We’re not doing any explicit pub/sub stuff in our application, but we are using a setup with redis sentinels.

It gets logged when trying to kill the previous bg thread basically if it doesn’t end itself within a small grace period it logs that message before it aborts the thread.

Ideally it wouldn’t need to do that, but the message refers to the previous RunLoop bg thread not the current one, but I’d probably investigate why it’s ending the RunLoop thread, i.e. is it intentional i.e. are you calling .Dispose()/Start()/Restart()? Otherwise it’s due to auto restarting after an Exception in the main thread which I’d want to find out what it was.