RegisterTypedRequestFilter not on IAppHost

Hi Demis,
is there any reason why RegisterTypedRequestFilter and RegisterTypedResponseFilter are not on IAppHost interface?

Our AppHost Bootstrapping is getting bigger and bigger (Plugins, Error Handling, Filters etc), so we encapsulated those things into Bootstrapping classes which are using IAppHost to bootstrap our things.

The RegisterTypedRequestFilter helps us with supporting multiple versions of a DTO. Unfortunately this method is not on IAppHost Interface.

Another way would be the Request Converters (they are on IAppHost). We just like to have the Typed interface of RegisterTypedRequestFilter and leave all the type things up to you :smile:

This is nothing critical for us, maybe even more cosmetic. But i thought it’s maybe also good for your API in generall to have those Methods (also the ones for the MQ) on the IAppHost Interface.


Hi tobi,

I’ve just added the RegisterTyped methods on IAppHost in this commit. This change is now available from v4.0.49 that’s now available on MyGet.

Also you can always cast IAppHost to the concrete ServiceStackHost as it’s the base class for all AppHosts:

var ssHost = (ServiceStackHost)appHost;

Hi Demis,
thank you!

Yeah, the casting thing is what we do atm.

thanks again!