Release Notes - How?

I see you guys build your Release Notes from what looks like GitHub Pages with markdown?

I like how you do your release notes, with plenty of visuals images etc.

What markdown editor do you use to create these pages, and does the editor upload the images automatically for you? or do you have to add them to the repo manually?

I’m only using VSCode to edit all Markdown now. Yeah it just uses GitHub pages, any commit to automatically publishes the rendered website to:

It was really about how you get your images into the pages?
Do you copy paste, or manually save files to the repo and reference them manually?

All manual, no magic, most images are saved to /docs/images and they’re just included using Markdown image reference syntax:

![Alt Tag](/img/url)

Cool, thanks.

I was wondering since we found Typora, which we found better than manual markdown and images, but its not perfect yet. Was thinking you had found another easier tool.


I’ve tried Typora, but in the end I don’t like any editor which tries to provide markup visual in the editor, I’d rather use a text editor to edit text and have a preview window along side during editing, i.e. reviewing docs after I’ve written the content.

When you have to maintain a lot of docs VS Code makes it fast and easy to navigate to different pages and search through all docs. It also has other niceties like dark mode / zen mode / full screen and can use it on all my Windows / OSX pcs.