Reminder when liceense will expire

Can you please send expiry mails when registred license will expire? For example 3 weeks in advance and then 7 days? And also, when not renewed that the running license expired?

We faced this issue with 3 separate licences upon deployment and it would have been helpful if we received an e-mail about expiry.

If this is a setting I can already do in my account, then please inform me where.

License renewal notices are sent 9 days in advance, you then have up to 90 days after your license expires to renew them.

Thx for the quick response.

Really? I have not seen any mail regarding expiration. The mailbox does not have a spam filter, so this should not be filtered out. My client informed me about the same: no mail about expiry.

I double checked my mailbox and I only see e-mails regarding purchase / renewal, but nothing about expiry.

Yeah as long as your existing license is not cancelled you should receive a renewal notice.

The last renewal notice was sent to your forums email was on Feb 7, 2022.

Your current license is currently registered to a different Username/email account which may be a typo as it’s missing an ‘s’ from your forums email i.e. @choenaker. The last time a renewal notice was sent to this account was May 8, 2023.

Let me know if this is a typo and you want it merged into your forums email account.

That is a typo. it should be
So, this makes perfect sense. I will check again with my client. Maybe they provided a wrong email address too… Can you fix this in my account so that I get a renewal mail again? Thx in advance.

ok it’s now merged into your forums email account, you’ll need to sign in to this account in future.