Renewed Redis license, received new serial that doesn't work


I have renewed my Redis license (which was about to expire for support) and received a new license.
When I put it in my project, I got the following exception:

The type initializer for 'ServiceStack.LicenseUtils' threw an exception.\n at ServiceStack.LicenseUtils.HasLicensedFeature(LicenseFeature feature)\r\n at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisNativeClient.Connect()\r\n at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisNativeClient.AssertConnectedSocket()\r\n at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisNativeClient.SendExpectMultiData(Byte[][] cmdWithBinaryArgs)\r\n at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisNativeClient.GetRange(Byte[] commandBytes, String setId, Int32 min, Int32 max, Boolean withScores)

Is it a problem with the new license or should I just keep using my original license and it should work even after it expires?


Just verified your license, it works fine. I’m guessing the issue is that you didn’t copy the 0= from the last line?