Repsponse message doesnt have Reason Phrase


when i’m running servicestack API on my production environment i dont get the response status to have the message.
In chrome dev tools i get " 426 - No Reason Phrase"
But on my test environment i get the full httpstatus “426 - ExtraLicenseNeeded”

How can i setup so it returns the full httpstatus?

Regards Kristian

ServiceStack is setting the StatusDescription but it appears that it’s being removed by the underlying web server or intermediate middleware/proxy you’re using.

What web server / reverse proxies are you running in your production environment? Is this ASP .NET or .NET Core?

im running on azure website with .NET 4.7 site 64bit
But it’s the same on the test site where it works fine.

I found the reason.
It was the HTTP version set to 2.0 in Azure website but 1.0 in test environment.

Any idea why and if possible to get it working in v2.0?

There’s no other API to set the StatusDescription. You’ll have to ask the Azure support why it’s being stripped/ignored.