RequestLogsFeature and Auto Batch Requests

When sending an auto batched request (collection of DTO’s) to a service with RequestLogsFeature enabled, it appears that only the first DTO in the collection is logged as the entry’s RequestDto. Should RequestDto instead include the entire collection?

Here’s a (failing) test adapted from RequestLogsFeatureTests.Does_log_Service_request:

public void Does_log_autobatch_request()
    var client = new JsonServiceClient(Config.ListeningOn)
        RequestFilter = req => req.Referer = Config.ListeningOn

    var request = new[]
            new RequestLogsTest { Name = "foo1" },
            new RequestLogsTest { Name = "bar1" }
    var response = client.SendAll(request);

    var json = Config.ListeningOn.CombineWith("requestlogs").GetJsonFromUrl();
    var requestLogs = json.FromJson<RequestLogsResponse>();
    var requestLog = requestLogs.Results.First();


    var requests = (IEnumerable<RequestLogsTest>)requestLog.RequestDto;
    Assert.That(requests.First().Name, Is.EqualTo("foo1"));
    Assert.That(requests.Last().Name, Is.EqualTo("bar1"));

    Assert.That(requestLog.Referer, Is.EqualTo(Config.ListeningOn));

Thanks! -Eric

Yep, should now be resolved from this commit. This change is available from v5.4.1 that’s now available on MyGet.

thx for the failing test!