Responce html width Razor

Hi all!

I need to return HTML response without using the razor, is it possible?

Sure see docs on returning different response types or you can return a static .html file.
The default content-type when requested from a browser is text/html but you can ensure text/html is always the content-type by specifying the HTML Content-Type, e.g:

[AddHeader(ContentType = "text/html")]
public string Get(HelloHtml request)
    return $"<h1>Hello, {request.Name}!</h1>";

I want to return a static HTML file, where the error notification access to the downloadable file.
Of course I can write all the markup in the code but it is not very convenient :blush:
Is there such a possibility?

You can use return a static file with new HttpResult(FileInfo, asAttachment:downloadAsAttachment) with the downloadAsAttachment flag indicating whether you want it downloaded as a file or returned as normal html. You can set any additional HTTP Info you need on the HttpResult, e.g. StatusCode or Headers.

ok, I’ll try, thanks !!!