Restricting TypeScript generation to specific namespaces

When using TypeScript generation, is there a mechanism where we could specify exact namespace matches for IncludeTypes in the client code generation? For instance, when we generate TypeScript, specifying Namespace1.Core/* pulls in the following namespaces:



I wanted to target just Namespace1.Core entities. If there isn’t anything currently, would it be possible to add a token that could cause it to match Namespace1.Core only (maybe just /)?

/* does a Namespace starts with search, if you don’t want to rename the conflicts you can Group Services by Tags to enable finer-grained control.

Using Tags is the official way to define groups of Services which is used throughout the framework, e.g. in metadata APIs and UIs or whenever referencing a collection of Services as done in Add ServiceStack Reference, since it’s can be user-defined independent from your layout structure it’s going to offer the most flexibility.

Otherwise you can exclude unwanted Included types with ExcludeTypes=TypeName.