Ricardo Brandão - 363 - Jan 14, 2015

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed that now we check if the username already exists when creating an UserAuth.

However, i have an use case where users are able to register through social accounts but they need to finish their registration where they provide a (unique) username. Therefore, since the same username might be used by different users in different social accounts (and in our application), i don’t want to deny the user registration upfront.

Having said that, i think that ValidateUniqueUserNames should be customizable.

It is customizable, i.e can be disabled with:

AuthProvider.ValidateUniqueUserNames = false;

Ricardo Brandão:

Hi Demis,

Yes, i saw that. But you have added the following comment
"//Temporary, remove later when no issues."
that led me to start this discussion. Are you planning to remove this possibility?

Was for unique emails, but I can leave them both there knowing that it’s being used.

Ricardo Brandão:

Cool, thanks!

IMHO emails should be unique since they are directly related to one person and one person only. So i guess that there is no problem removing that.

Cool, In that case I might switch the flags so they’re both properties on AuthFeature so it’s configurable like any other plugin.

Ricardo Brandão:

Sounds great :slight_smile:

FYI config moved to AuthFeature, available in next release: 

Ricardo Brandão: