Roles with inheritance

Hey ServiceStack,

Just a curiosity question but I have been working on a role provider with inheritance and was curious if this is something that I should present as an option for ServiceStack as a whole? I would have some work to do to remove the dependence on SQL Server, but I figured I would ask.

As I have it now, it lays on top of the out-of-the-box UserAuth / UserAuthRole schema and (when I wrap it up) will be treated as a plugin (RoleInheritanceFeature). Let me know if this is something that sounds useful.


Never had a feature request for it so I’m not expecting there to be much demand for this, but if you can wrap it up in a plugin that makes it easy to add, e.g. NuGet package + Plugin, it would require the least effort to use and stands the best chance for adoption.

For any plugin I’d recommend creating an external GitHub project with a README that clearly documents what it does and instructions on how to use it, a great example is the community Azure Active Directory AuthProvider:

Excellent, I will add this to my TODO’s when I am not slammed. I look forward to contributing, regardless of adoption. I think this is something that people would use more frequently, if it existed. I guess we will see.

Thanks for your input,