Rollbar API Request Logger Plugin


The driver behind some of my recent questions is somewhat ready for public consumption. allow you to log up to 5000 requests per month for free (which is relatively tiny, but enough for some internally facing web tools I’ve been working on, especialyl while they are in Beta / being rolled out to previewer audience)


Shout-outs to @Mac because I basically cloned his Seq logger project and then incrementally patched it to apply to Rollbar instead.

The current nuget version is 0.0.1 but really it can be considered 1.0.0 - I am using it now in a live environment and thus far, it seems to be solid. Obviously anyone interested who experiences issues can ping me here or on the github repo.

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Sweet looks comprehensive, thx for Sharing!

I’ll add it to the docs when I’m back at my desk.

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FYI I’ve added a reference to this in the docs.

Please keep us updated when you’ve published your upcoming blog post!

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