Ryan Britton - 204 - Nov 20, 2014

Hi Demis,

I would like to write some tests incorporating multiple clients connected to multiple appHosts (to try and understand how the Redis PubSub Server works/scales/recovers). Am I being overly ambitious? I get an error when trying to spin up the second appHost which suggests that this is a Singleton…I just wondered whether you had any creative suggestions for this from your own test harnesses? I had a quick look through the tests in the repository - but didn’t find anything modelling this type of load-balanced scenario…

Hi Ryan, right by design the AppHost is a singleton where there can only be 1 instance per AppDomain. As it’s not supported none of our tests run multiple app hosts simultaneously, many of our integration tests just spawn an AppHost on a per test or per text fixture basis.

In order to run multiple AppHost instances you would need to spawn multiple processes (i.e. self-hosting Console Apps). 

Ryan Britton:

Thanks Demis…thought as much…