Safari issue with servicestack-client and @servicestack/client

Hi Demis,
we were first running the old version of servicestack-client and had an issue because servicestack-client was setting the readonly property Request.body (Safari only). We found your bugfix in @servicestack/client (Commit) and did the upgrade. Now the JsonServiceClient throws a different exception:
NotSupportedError: ReadableStream uploading is not supported

It seems that the newest JsonServiceClient doesn’t work with request containing the property body.

I’ve changed it back in v1.0.11 to also populate the Request.body but I’m not seeing any other solution to populate the Request body except for those 2 APIs. I’ll update the issue with any updates I find.

Found a strategy that appears to work in all browsers and node Apps in this commit. This change is available from @servicestack/client v1.0.12.