Sebastian Nemeth - 299 - Mar 12, 2014

Just posted a Q on StackOverflow about a pure SS4/Razor + AngularDart project, if anyone’s experienced this problem before I’d appreciate any advice:

Hi Sebastian, left a comment looking to see if there were any StartupErrors in ?debug=requestinfo

Sebastian Nemeth:

Hi Demis, thanks for the unreasonably speedy response, I’ve updated the question with the spoils.

ok cool, it looks like attempting to scan the directory throws an error, I’ll see if I can repro locally and prevent the exception from bubbling

Sebastian Nemeth:

Cheers that’d be fantastic, I don’t want to have to copy the dart build folder into the project every save if I can avoid it.

ok cool, this should be resolved in the latest release published on MyGet:
Where these exceptions are now just Logging Warnings.  

Funnily enough the Windows GitHub UI also wouldn’t let me check-in a dart project with sym links in the repo, so they seem to cause havoc in windows in general.

Sebastian Nemeth:

I read that the recommended way to deal with symlinks and junction points was to just catch the exception and continue, to do anything else required interop :-/ not cool…

Thanks so much for sorting this out so quickly - very impressed with ServiceStack, and with the community in general.