Securing servicestack GAP application

Hi, This may be little out of context question.

I am working on providing thick client with sync support support. After trying couple of things I feel Servicestack GAP is quite a good option as it provide to re-use server side code (services with localhost) and also allowed me to write UI in html with native boost.

But there are couple of questions

  1. How can I secure servicestack license which would be deployed with application?
  2. How can I secure code? I tried different obfuscation tools but I guess it messing up SS settings and crashing application.
  3. Is there any other alternatives I should be looking for or should try different approach.

PS: Requirement is to provide desktop application with offline - online support with sync. I am trying to save every event as it happens and then replay it. And also saving data offline for single user.

Please let me know if any other details are required.

You may also want to check out React Desktop Apps which wraps ServiceStack.Gap functionality into a nice ServiceStackVS VS.NET Template.

If you’re going to ship a product to end users you should register the License Key in-line so it’s embedded in your .dll using License Registration option b).

I’m not personally fond of source code obfuscation tools so I couldn’t recommend any, but I think some people are using Smart Assembly with ServiceStack but I don’t think it’s necessary fear, I’d just be mentioning in your EULA that it’s illegal to disassemble which is typically enough to prevent any legitimate company from reverse engineering your App. Your real obstacle would be making an App that gets traction and people love, which is where I prefer to focus my efforts.

@mythz Thanks for reply. I got your point. And thanks for pointing React Desktop Apps. Servicestack giving lots of updates tends to loosing track. It is indeed solving all the issues of good desktop application.

BTW I am trying things with Elm and I successfully joined Servicestack with AKKA too (if you remember my post with F# Actors). Will soon be writing things in detail…

Thanks for wonderful framework and support.

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