Self hosted service timeout after long idle period

I have a self hosted service that is timing out if it is left idle overnight. I searched and found some discussion of an idletimeout setting but I cannot figure out how to apply this. Also some mention of a heartbeat too. I am simply using an AppHost object and starting it with the .Start (url) method. We are having to shutdown the self host and restart it. This is with the latest version of SS on a Windows 7 machine.

What do you mean by “timing out” can you post the full Exception details you’re getting?

The web service is simply dead. Like the listening is dead.

I implemented a timer in the hosting app that hits the metadata discovery for the service. Hopefully that keeps things alive. I will update in a few days.

Ok but that doesn’t sound right, there’s no App Domain recycling or any other Idle Timeout for self-hosted services, it’s meant to run until it’s stopped. Is the process still alive but just not responding to requests or does is the entire process terminated?

Does this Service run any additional background threads or async tasks? Or maybe a memory leak, i.e. it keeps growing until it dies?