Serialization info with JsonHttpClient

I am a bit lost towards what is causing this error.
The error is:

"Type definitions should start with a '{', expecting serialized type 'AllCampaignsResponse', got string starting with: [{\"Id\":\"62323c1673e04b0cb7da35b025d878a8\",\"Name\":\""

When calling the same service via Postman for example this is working.

Some code from the client:

var client = new JsonHttpClient("http://localhost:51839");
client.BearerToken = "[redacted]";
var result = client.Send(new AllCampaigns());

My Request object

public class AllCampaigns : IGet, IReturn<AllCampaignsResponse>

My Response object

public class AllCampaignsResponse
	public List<CampaignListEntity> Campaigns { get; set; } //plain POC class

Server side

public object Get(AllCampaigns request)
 // some code that returns a list - AllCampaignsResponse object

So call is working with Postman, if I debug, there is a response, but it seems the client is not correctly seeing what object it should serialize.
Any idea?

Stupid me… I was return the List<> instead of the AllCampaignsResponse. :relaxed: