Serve static files from a virtual filesystem


There is a way to change the path of the static files, changing the DefaultRedirectPath in the HostConfig.

Is there a way to redirect all static files to a virtual file system?

I want to serve a site from multiple zip files.
one for standard files
another one for branding

first aproach will be from static files (angular spa) but maybe some of them could be #Sharp Templates.

thanks and regards

By default .NET Core Apps are served from your App’s configured WebRoot which you can customize in your WebHostBuilder using UseWebRoot(). If you’re not using .NET Core you can change the physical directory with Config.WebHostPhysicalPath.

You can also add any number of cascading Virtual File Sources by adding registering them in InsertVirtualFileSources for VFS providers you want to have higher priority than the default VFS providers or AddVirtualFileSources for VFS providers with lower priority.