Server Send Events & SignalR

Hi Guys,

Just a question regarding SS roadmap

Reading that signalr .net core 2.1 is supporting text and binary formats with binary using messagepack. Also,
SignalR supports transports like long polling , server send events , websockets and custom transports.

Taking into account that IOT devices will probably need things like MQTT with quality of service credential
and the fact that Microsoft is investing billions into IOT, I guess signalr will probably be a big beneficiary of this.

Say I want to use MQTT for example on a bare TCP socket in an IOT device, would you recommend me to use signalR or is there a way for me to leverage my existing investment in SS ?

  1. I am currently using SSE in SS , will SSE always be seperate from signalr server send events or are you planning to pull the 2 together.

Thks in advance.

SSE is simple, efficient and works everywhere, IMO multiple transports are completely unnecessary, I’d be very surprised if the other non JS/C# SignalR clients would bother implementing all available transports.

Also notifications/events are generally small (well within the MTU packet size) that I wouldn’t expect binary formats to yield a noticeable improvement unless you’re sending events with large payloads. It would also only be beneficial for non-browser clients as JS/JSON is the fastest data interchange format for browsers.
Generally I recommend sending small events over SSE to trigger calling existing HTTP Services to take advantage HTTP Caching, reusability and introspection of HTTP Requests.

ServiceStack doesn’t have a MQTT or bare TCP socket solution so you’d need to adopt a different solution if that’s what you need.

SSE will always be separate from SignalR as they’re completely different implementations with no potential for any integration.

Thanks @mythz for the clarity of roadmap.