Server Sent Events client for native JavaScript

Servicestack is giving JavaScript Client to access server sent events. It can be accessed by traditional approach where I can get message string.

Or there is JQuery plugin which makes things really user friendly.

The question is there any way I can achieve JQuery plugin thing without JQuery (plugin). Means I am trying to push JQuery out of project as far as possible. So, just for few things I don’t want to put it there.

I know it should be possible, but question it is already done or I need to write code for it around native EventSource?

Let me know if any more details required.

No ss-utils.js requires jQuery and exposes its API via jQuery plugins or $.ss.* static property. Only the bottom 170 lines of JS in ss-utils.js contains all the code to handle Server Events so you could try to extract the JavaScript outside of jQuery, but that’s not something we’d consider ourselves until a significant majority of users are on modern browsers.

Ok. Got it. There are too many things ss-util already doing so there is no point to change. Thanks for prompt reply. :smile: