ServerEventsClient oneWayBaseUrl default value changed after upgrade


I have a servicestack backend v5.9.2
the frontend is angular, typescript ServerEventsClient v1.0.31

the client is created as follow:

this.sseClient = new ServerEventsClient('http://localhost:8090', channels);

the client calls UpdateEventSubscriber using the route


I have updated the typescript client to v2.1.1
now the client calls UpdateEventSubscriber using the route


the backend returns 404 not found

it’s possible to restore the client behaviour as in v1.0.31 without downgrade?

ServerEventsClient v2.1.1 object printed to console
replyBaseUrl and oneWayBaseUrl differ from the one in v1.0.31


The latest version of all ServiceClients have changed to use the /api predefined route, this was also noted in the release notes.

I’d recommend reverting back to the latest 2.0.x client if you don’t want this behavior which is v2.0.17.

Alternatively you should be able to revert to the legacy /json/reply predefined routes with:

this.sseClient = new ServerEventsClient('http://localhost:8090', channels);

Although since you’re not upgrading your Server I’d recommend not upgrading your clients either and reverting back to use @servicestack/client v2.0.17

ok I’m going to revert to v2.0.17

my backend is a self hosted one and all the routes are prefixed by /api

are there plans to remove the useBasePath() method in the future?

No, there’s no plan to remove the option to revert back to using the existing pre-defined routes.