Service implementation with Put method that returns Int32

We have a service with a Put method that returns an Int32

After launching the server for debugging the following code at ServiceExec.CreateExecFn throws an exception:

var executeFunc = Expression.Lambda<ActionInvokerFn> (callExecute, serviceParam, requestDtoParam).Compile();

With the error being “Expression of type ‘System.Boolean’ cannot be used for return type ‘System.Object’”

Wrapping the Int32 in an HttpResult fixes the exception it but I cannot wrap my head around why I’m getting the exception. Judging the code this is probably more of a general Expression question but I was wondering whether you have any thoughts on it (I usually return an actual object with more information, but in this case the primitive value is preferable)


You can’t return ValueTypes in Service responses, but you can return a "1" as a string if you want.

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