ServiceClient blocks Nuxt app in Safari

Just to be complete, I already created a full issue report with sample setup:

This is currently blocking a release. Please help. Thanks.

Hi @stefandv,

I don’t commonly use a Mac so I’m still setting up a reproduction to this issue, however if this is blocking a release are you able to try to build + deploy your application to a lower environment to reproduce the issue? We build and deploy a vue-nuxt template which loads without issue on Safari 15.0, so I’m wondering if this is a webpack + macos + Safari related problem or just a Safari problem.

I’ll continue to setup my environment to reproduce the problem but just wondering if you had experienced the same issue on a deployed application vs local development environment in case it might unblock you.

@stefandv I’ve tested this and can confirm the issue is related to latest change for 1.1.18 and Safari’s lack of support for regular expression lookbehind. If you revert to 1.1.17, you should be able to dev and deploy.

I’ll update this thread + issue once a fix has been deployed in a new version to NPM.

FYI I’ve replaced the look behind regex in this commit.

This change is available from v1.1.19 that’s now available on npm.

Confirmed to be working!

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