ServiceSatck VS for VS 2017

Hi @mythz

maybe we could have an update to install ServiceStackVS in the new Visual Studio 2017?

When I bring up Extensions and Updates, the extension is not available in the search … using VS2015 works flawlessly.

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Unfortunately VS2017 requires some work to enable, but we’re looking into it.

how about create a command line to do the DTO from a SS Service instead? then we can use it everywhere :smile:

We’ve had ss-util.exe for a while now.

Yes, I remember now … used last year in a project… maybe I need to give it a try again :smile:

as we’re evolving the API in development, and the DTO’s are to use SS Client in .NET Core website, is it there a way to keep the DTO automatically updated for every changed, or we need to keep using it and generated all over again every time? … like a --watch variable.

ss-utils.exe isn’t a long-running process so there’s no --watch variable.