ServiceStack 5.9.2 & AzureSignalR

I’m experiencing an issue where I can get AzureSignalR to run correctly in a clean solution (no Service Stack). Once I try to plug into a service stack project, internally SignalR stops working.

I can see that SignalR is connecting to Azure, and I can see the incoming /chat/negotiate request, but it stops there.

I’m trying to get AzureSignalR working inside my ServiceStack 5.9.2 Razor project, and while I don’t see any errors or hit any break-points (using break on Any exception), while running inside a servicestack project, I cannot connect to SignalR.

Any ideas? Would you be able to put together a small sample with them working side-by-side?

I’d suggest starting with the empty web template first.

MVC has issues with Modular Startup where it has a hidden convention where it relies on the Startup class being in your Host project which is why MVC templates require using a StartupActivator class, it’s possible it’s causing some other conflict in which case you can disable using ModularStartup by renaming UseModularStartup to UseStartup, i.e:

public static IHostBuilder CreateHostBuilder(string[] args) =>
        .ConfigureWebHostDefaults(builder => {

Also remove the ModularStartup base class from your Startup class, e.g:

public class Startup //: ModularStartup
    public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

The last suggestion is to put all Azure/SignalR middleware config before app.UseServiceStack() so it handles & has a higher priority before any ServiceStack functionality. I don’t have any other suggestions other than enabling logging & StrictMode.

No I don’t use SignalR or Azure nor know how to configure either of them properly. There are many much more higher priority tasks that needs work on before I could justify spending any time supporting 3rd Party libraries that ServiceStack has no dependency on. The same applies to every other 3rd Party dependency we don’t support.