ServiceStack.Admin UI as part of application

I have 2 questions according to ServiceStack.Admin UI, especially AutoQuery Viewer.

  1. Shall I, according to license, distribute ss_admin as a part of my application ? It is perfectly designed report wizard for one of my application (if I only prepare suitable AQ services), so I could include it instead of building such application module from scratch.

  2. Is it allowed, according to license to modify JavaScript/React code to include AQ Viewer within one of application menu. The app frontend is written in AngularJS, so I would like to include only part with search criteria and table render (passing source Auto Query service as an argument).

Yes, your royalty-free developer license lets you to deploy any ServiceStack package with your App.

Yes you can deploy modified ServiceStack Source Code under the same commercial terms as ServiceStack. i.e. you can customize any Software Release before the Software Maintenance of your License expires.

The Source Code Releases for AutoQuery Viewer is available from: