ServiceStack calling another ServiceStack, ends up exposing the other's service as a service

This is a bit convoluted, but:

I have an SS API called “A” which I’m calling from “B”, which is also a SS application.

To call A’s service, I needed to add their DTO, which happens to be AutoQuery based:

public class QueryEmployeesPublic
    : QueryDb<Employee, AnnotatedEmployee>, IReturn<QueryResponse<AnnotatedEmployee>>, IGet
    public string NameSearch { get; set; }

Then in “B” I’ve got a service calling that QueryEmployeesPublic using the JsonApiClient.

However, at least at the /ui the QueryEmployeesPublic seems to be exposed for “B”.

I don’t have a service implementing QueryEmployeesPublic in “B”, but I guess that’s automatically created, due to AutoQuery…

How can I ignore that?

I’m not following your Services relationship setup, but if you want to exclude DTOs for being generated for an API you can annotate it with [ExcludeMetadata].