ServiceStack Client for Delphi

I am working for a company that is porting it’s legacy Delphi applications over to C#, and I am in the process of creating a ServiceStack service that will be used by the new applications. So far, this is going fine.

However, I also need to support some of the legacy applications. We have managed to perform HTTP calls to return json and xml data, but we also need to provide data via gRPC streaming in order to transfer large data updates.

I know that there is no ServiceStack Client for Delphi, but was wondering if it is possible to point me towards some information about writing a new Client; or, even better, if anyone has discovered a work-around?

As there’s no gRPC client for Delphi I wouldn’t consider it as an option. Most of the gRPC languages have been under active development for years and some still have immaturity issues. IMO creating gRPC protoc client Delphi on your own isn’t feasible.

For large files you can return a File, Stream, Raw Bytes or Text which supports HTTP Range Requests so clients can download large requests in chunks.

A more performant and lower memory usage version would be to write the response to disk so it can be streamed by an unmanaged server like nginx and redirect to the file URL from your Service.

Okay, that’s what I figured. Thanks anyway.