ServiceStack.Core and Visual Studio 2017 RC

I had cloned the RazorRockStars in order to compile it with VS 2017 RC.
In the beginning, I had problem with nuget packages restoration. VS2017 was not responding.
Then I followed the ASP.NET Core 1.1 upgrade instructions and before I start the VS2017, I added the file global.json in the project’s directory (RazorRockstars.WebHost),

                  "sdk": {
                      "version": "1.0.0-preview2-003131"

When VS2017 was started, again it was not responding the first time. I restarted it and then
the packages were restored, but I should run a lot of updates for some minutes. After that the project was compiled and run normally in IIS express.
Is there an other way or something else needed to do for VS2017 (for other demos maybe) ?
Also, If I want to create a ServiceStack web application, I will do it as console application a the RazorRockStars ? any possibility to have ServiceStackVS for VS2017 RC ?

VS2017 uses the new MSBuild format which is in alpha, I wouldn’t clone an existing project, I’d create a new project then add references that way. But I personally wouldn’t start with VS2017, I tried to create a Docker Web App with it on a brand new Surface and it was riddled with build errors and Docker wouldn’t start correctly. If it’s a new project for work, I’d stick with VS2015 and start from an existing ServiceStack .NET Core demo, then migrate it over when VS2017 is ready.

It it as a new project and I am starting now the .Net Core development essentially. It is very tempting to use VS2017. MS has started already to publish tutorials or MS Academy’s videos I don’t doubt, it will have many problems as with Docker that you mentioned. But for development, during next 2 months, I feel that it was worth while to try it.

Maybe this will help:

I did read it before, it is useful. The project is running now in VS2017 (after the global.json).
I hope, would not find other problems.

I tend to agree with @mythz on this, wait until it’s a bit more baked. I’m currently working on a .NET Core running on docker + ServiceStack.Core project and though 2015 debugger is a buggy, it’s still mostly productive. Even Jetbrains Rider without a .NET Core debugger works pretty nicely and they respond to bug reports within hours (not fixed, but you know issues are being dealt with for an EAP update).

Don’t let the pain using the latest infect your daily workflow, contain it to a single migration when other parts are ready and the grass on the other side looks green enough to change your workflow.

If you’ve already made the jump, I hope it works out! :+1: If/when you are able, maybe post up a working demo, maybe forked from one of the NetCoreApps projects?