ServiceStack Core error handler

Hi boys!

In .net core when I make wrong request I get the following:

How to change default error page.

This can’t work: exception - How to show custom error page in ServiceStack - Stack Overflow

and this to:

What does your .NET Core app builder pipeline look like? and what do you mean by wrong request, an unhandled request? If so then ServiceStack will call the next module in .NET Core’s pipeline by design.

Please go to this link :
Тhe result is the same.

If page or function cannot exist I need get error page. :neutral_face:

Did you read the page I linked to? The RequestInfoHandler is the last module registered so it’s working by design. If you want to return something else change the last module to do something else, e.g:

app.Use(new StaticFileHandler("wwwroot/404.html"));
app.Use(new RazorHandler("/404"));
app.Use(new NotFoundHttpHandler());

Tahnks, ist a work! )