ServiceStack Dto ServiceModel IncludeTypes


I’m trying to understand how to use IncludeTypes when using a TypeScript reference.

If I’m reading the documentation correctly I should be able to use IncludeTypes: in the Options: section to include a specfic type or namespace (including wildcard). I would like to include some types which are not directly used by services.

namespace ServiceModel.SomeNameSpace{
    public class TestClass
        public string Name { get; set; }

If I use TestClass directly in a Service then IncludeTypes: TestClass or Include: ServiceModel.SomeNameSpace/* works as expected.

If, however TestClass is not used directly in a Service then IncludeTypes returns nothing.

Is there a way of specifying a namespace where the classes should be generated as dto’s?

I have a use case where I have inheritance (which I’ve tried to avoid whenever possible) and the derived classes are not being generated as DTO’s so I would like to force the DTO generation.


Only DTO’s that are part of the Service Contract gets generated, if you want to include other types add a holder or Dummy Types DTO with all the other Types you want generated for this purpose.

That works, thanks - appreciate the link.