ServiceStack.EventStore RFC

Our next plugin by @DavidB is ready for some feedback and has been released on github and nuget

It’s for working with EventStore as seamlessly as possible within the ServiceStack framework.

We’re pleased with it so far, but it would be great at this stage to get some feedback from the community, so let us know what you think, good or bad :smile:

Very nice docs, looks like it’s easy to get started with.

I noticed your ServiceStack.EventStore NuGet package lists a number of dependencies, you can get by with just ServiceStack.Server otherwise the only dependencies you need to list are ServiceStack, ServiceStack.OrmLite or ServiceStack.Redis - the remaining dependencies are implicitly referenced.

Let me know if happy for me to announce it in next release notes (due either next week or week after), otherwise if you prefer I can wait until the release after next?


We haven’t used it in production ourselves yet so might be too ‘alpha’. Will leave it up to @DavidB to decide if it’s ready for the next release cycle.

I’ll update the dependencies for the next nuget deployment which will probably be tomorrow sometime.

Have to say that it is the help we get on the forum to our questions, stupid or otherwise, that in turn helps us contribute back so thanks again for the time you take with such good and detailed answers.

We also have a couple more plugins to release soon and a few in the planning stage so more to come.


I’d happy for it to be included in the next release cycle with the caveat that we’re currently only at 0.1.23.

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I’m thinking about using EventStore for an upcoming project. Have you guys used this in production yet?

@rsafier - No, the plugin isn’t being used in production yet. We hope to bring it into production over the next few months.

So, I’m afraid it’s one of those use-at-your-own-risk situations at the moment. Of course, if you do decide to use it we’d be more than grateful for any real-world feedback.

Thanks for the update. If we end up going this direction we will certainly provide feedback and/or PRs.