ServiceStack in Azure worker role?

A client plans to move in Azure PaaS Cloud Services, in order to have better redundancy and minimal cost.
We have built for him, a reservations API, using ServiceStack. It works excellent.
Is there a way to host ServiceStack in an Azure Worker Role ?
Client does not prefer to move to Azure IaaS VM.
thank you.

ServiceStack is just an ASP.NET Web Application so there should be no difference between deploying an ASP.NET App vs a ServiceStack App. I’ve previously deployed a ServiceStack ASP.NET App on Azure as a Website by just following MS’s normal ASP.NET Azure deployment docs and using MS Web Deploy. Not sure if that’s what you mean by Azure Worker Role, but you don’t need an IaaS VM to deploy to Azure Website’s.

Our services run self-hosted. As I understand the only way in Azure PaaS Cloud Services, is to use the Azure Worker Role, but it needs the OWIN. I have a requirement to move all services during next 3-4 motnhs , in Azure Cloud Services, not in Azure VM.
In any case, I need some help, or benchmarks, or KB for stability issues, how our services in ServiceStack could work in Azure.