ServiceStack.Java Error while updating the references


I had an issue in Eclipse where I was not able to update my references. Somehow my DTO class was reformatted and the last line of the options block was changed from “*/” to " */" (notice the space). This had the effect of trying to send all of the file’s content in the query string. Looks like line 23 of should be modified to handle this case. Something like this should fix the issue:

if(line.matches("^\\s*\\*\\/\\s*$")) break;

Perhaps the other plugins (e.g.: Swift) have the same issue.

This is only an issue with Eclipse which seems to be the only IDE that reformats comments like this. (i.e. doesn’t happen in Android Studio/IntelliJ, VS.NET or Xcode).

Just filed an issue for this:

@NoWoL I’ved updated ServiceStackEclipse plugin and should now be available from the Eclipse Marketplace. Whitespace now being ignored. Feel free to update the issue @mythz posted if you’re still having issues.

If you can’t see the update, try restarting eclipse, I’ve noticed it seems to cache marketplace responses for some reason from the first time I look open the marketplace from within the IDE or check for updates. Thanks! :smile: