Servicestack JsonClient+Session in Ionic mobile app

This might be a daft question, but I keep coming across (older) blog posts saying that mobile apps (and Ionic in particular) don’t handle sessions very well. I am currently rewriting a legacy MVP written by some unknown 3rd parties that is based in Ionic and its my first foray into mobile development. I require (and currently have) Credentials-based custom auth logic rather than the baked in /authenticate endpoints, because I have to handle transactioal inserts of new users that also store additional data / records, and i can currently successfully register and then log in as these users, their sessions are updated, cached into an ormlite sessions cache, etc etc - BUT I am only testing in a browser, and have yet to attempt to generate an actual iOS or Android app out of my codebase and deploy it to an app store.

What worries me is that if / when I do so, suddenly all my auth logic is going to be wasted and I will have to switch to a Credentials/JWT approach and handle the bearer token etc, so any work i continue to do using sessions might be wasted and I am (very) pressed for time. Can anyone tell me / warn me: is there any reason I should be concerned about using the ServiceStack JsonClient and all the handy auto-login-Sessions-functionality ? Should I be making the switch to bearer tokens already, or am I needlessly worried / confused.

Thanks in advance

I can’t speak for Ionic as I haven’t used it, but it’s just a Web Framework that runs in a WebView right? I don’t see how they could affect the underlying HTTP sessions of the containing WebView unless they’re destroying and recreating their WebViews or something destructive as that.

Yes I believe thats the gist of it… I will probably spin up a quick demo soon and give it a trial run, after more reading i think i can launch a quasi-developer-debug mode to simulate the final app by running it on my connected android phone, and hopefully that serves as a sufficient proof of concept.

I will describe the result here, when I know more. Thanks.