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Are there any plans to have a Blazor & Blazer WASM ‘Get Started’ option in the SPAs section of

It’s under the Jamstacks tab on the /start page which links to, it’s also on the /litestream page and on the Blazor Tailwind template and Blazor WASM Bootstrap template pages.

Ok, thanks.

I guess I should have explained that I’m specifically interested in being able to select which plugins I want enabling. I can do that but manually I guess it’s just unfortunate that we can’t have it automated like the non jamstacks templates.

Not possible with the Jamstack templates which have a different physical structure to support decoupled Client UI / Server deployments.

Note: the Blazor (and all Jamstack templates) are already configured with OrmLite / Sqlite / Auth + AuthRepository / AutoQuery Data, if you want to add more features you should be able to cd to the Server Host project, e.g. MyApp and run mix commands from there, you can get a list of all available mix scripts with:

$ x mix
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