ServiceStack not working with dynomite

Hello there,

I try to use ServiceStack.Redis ver 5.4.0 with dynomite v0.6.21-rc2.
I can connect dynomite to read and write successfully with redis-cli
Hower ServiceStack.Redis I can not use GetClient method
var redisConnection = “”;
var rediscache = new PooledRedisClientManager(50, 20, new[] { redisConnection });
using (var cli = rediscache.GetClient()){
it throw exception "[07:30:34.690] No more data, sPort: 53317, LastCommand: "
I can use GetCacheClient method. But I can only read but not write.
When I try GetCacheClient to write it throw the same exception.

Could you tell me if ServiceStack.Redis can work with Dynomite.

ServiceStack.Redis only supports Redis Server, if dynomite was wireformat compatible with Redis Server protocol it should’ve been able to work transparently, but the error message suggests it’s not as the Redis Client was expecting a Response from the server but didn’t receive one.