ServiceStack not working with Elasticache of Amazon

Hi there,

I’m using redis cluster in elasticache of amazon and setup with 1 shard, 2 nodes include 1 master for write and one replicate for read.
I try to follow by instruction and have connected to elasticache. I can write to master nodes but cannot read from slave nodes, and key on redis cluster is duplicated after write.

I just clone project from instruction above, modify simple that for test.

// Apphost.cs

// MyService.cs

// Result

Then I catch error MOVED from elasticache:


Could you tell me what wrong in my case?

MOVED is a Redis Cluster command, ServiceStack.Redis only supports Redis Sentinel not Redis Cluster.

But I see your instruction that show me can use elasticache with cluster mode?

It supports Redis’s standard Redis Master / Replica setup. It doesn’t support Redis Cluster where you have your Redis Dataset sharded over multiple masters.