ServiceStack package has disappeared from MyGet feed

Continuing the discussion from MyGet feed broken:

It happened again (sometime yesterday).‘ServiceStack’,Version=‘4.0.41’) returns a 404.

All the other packages seem to still be there.

Looks like it needs a redeploy.

I’ve republished ServiceStack package to MyGet again, as this looks like it’s only affecting the first package published there might be an issue between clearing out the packages and republishing them again where the first package ServiceStack may be marked as to delete despite being published after the delete command.

I’ll try adding some delay after clearing the packages before redeploying them again to see if that helps.

@mythz It happened again. The blob for ServiceStack 4.0.41 is gone from the MyGet server.


The specified blob does not exist. RequestId:29911219-0001-0008-5a77-b5e969000000 Time:2015-07-03T10:05:54.0812670Z

Is this definitely a problem with your CI build or could it be a MyGet issue?

It looks like it’s a MyGet issue because the build log says it uploaded successfully and even the MyGet UI is showing the package was uploaded:

But when I click on it to download it I’m getting the same error you are. I’m re-deploying it again, should be available in 15 mins…

Cool, thanks.

It’s back up now.

Wondering if it’s down again?

@mjc yeah looks that way, it’s back now after redeploying.

Looks like a few packages are missing e.g. ServiceStack, ServiceStack.Api.* Could you get it back up again?

@mdaly Just finished redeploying, should be back up now.