Servicestack RabbitMq client version > 3.6.5

Continuing the discussion from Servicestack rabbitmq client does not work with RabbitMQ client version 4.x:

Any ideas on when the RabbitMQ.Client supported version will be updated? There were a lot of performance improvements in v4 and latest is now v5.


We can only do that in the v5 breaking change, which we can do after this release.

Thanks, looking forward to the next release.

Note: v5 will be the one after next weeks release, if there isn’t many issues with this next release we’ll look at pushing early pre-release MyGet packages with the upgrades.

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Would be happy about a pre-release package for v5.

We usually ship pre-release packages daily, but once we move to v5 (i.e. drop PCL support, move to .NET Standarrd / NuGet v3) we can’t go back. So we’ll likely wait 1-2 weeks after next release, depending on how many issues there are before making the jump to v5.