ServiceStack.RabbitMq Defining Channels Without Specifying MessageType

I have a project that synchronizes server data to multiple remote devices (muti-tenancy). I’m using RabbitMQ as a message broker to manage this. When a device’s data changes in server, a message is sent to the queue for its respective subscriber which will proxy to their respective remote devices using SignalR.

To integrate ServiceStack.RabbitMq with SignalR by using servicestack.messaging API within a .NET BackgroundService, so both mqServer.Start() and RegisterHanlder<>(); will be registered in the backgroundService

it seems to me that it’s straightforward to set up a each RegisterHandler for each remote device, but all remote devices have the same messageTyoe. The number of devices is also not known until runtime. Using the current API, I can’t define channels for each device without knowing specifying a message type, How can I adapt the servicestack.messaging API to fit this scenario?

Thank you for building this good framework.

ServiceStack MQ design goal is simply to enable an MQ endpoint to invoke your existing ServiceStack Services of which only has a single unique Request DTO, it’s not a good fit when you need to support other MQ configurations or workflows.

You should use the Rabbit MQ libraries directly to support your custom scenario.

Thank you for your clarification.