ServiceStack.Razor StrongName=false

I’m trying to upgrade my .net framework application from 5.6.0 to 6.10.0
I’m hitting an issue because in 6.10.0 the assembly does not have a strong name, which can be seen here

It looks like this change happened in 5.13.
The other servicestack assemblies do have a strong name.

This should now be resolved from the latest v6.10.1 that’s now available in our Pre Release NuGet packages, thx for reporting.

That’s great. Can you tell me when this might make it into the fully released Nuget feed? Not familiar with how your release process typically works.

Only major releases are published to NuGet, we just had one a few weeks ago, so the next release on NuGet will be a while, e.g. 4-8 weeks.

You’d need to reference the pre-release packages to access it before them.