ServiceStack.Text license

I understand that ServiceStack.Text can be used for free. What kind of license is used? The nuget package still reference the normal license


The commercial license remains the same, but it’s now free of any technical restrictions so you no longer need to register a license key.

So you can’t use the ServiceStack.Text module in a commercial project without a license? Correct?

Yes you can use ServiceStack.Text in a commercial project without a license, just like you can use ServiceStack within the free-quotas in a commercial project without a license except there’s no longer any restrictions in ServiceStack.Text and we’re no longer selling licenses for it as it’s no longer needed.

Due to an escrow agreement we have to identify the license policy. Under what license is the ServiceText.Text published?

All ServiceStack v4 NuGet packages are published under the same Commercial License:

Which is linked from every NuGet package, e.g: