ServiceStack.Text Licensing Client dlls


I have an app I am developing a WPF client (at the moment may have some mobile ones later). My company bought a Core bundles plan on my advice as I figured the actual web services would all be running on a couple of servers.

I’d been operating under the impression that I could use ServiseStack.Text wherever I liked though as long as I was using the client dlls. However I am get licensing exceptions coming up, so is this not the case? Have I misunderstood what is meant by “These quotas are lifted in ServiceStack.Client generic service clients allowing un-restricted access when consuming ServiceStack services”. I took it to mean I could use the ServiceStack.Text functionality anywhere in a client application.


You’ve misunderstood it, it specifically mentions that the quotas are only lifted in ServiceStack.Client generic service clients, meaning its not lifted outside of the clients and the free-quotas still apply.

Ok, that’s what I thought might be the case.

So does that mean we would need a developer licenses if we want to use ServiceStack.Text in Android/iOS apps?

Normally the per-developer license covers any usage on any project but since you’re on the per-core licensing model it wouldn’t be feasible when deploying on mobile clients.

You would need a separate developers license to have royalty-free deployments of ServiceStack.Text. Since you’d only need it on the client you’d just need the cheaper ServiceStack.Text license but you would need to create a new Customer Account as your existing account can’t have both per-core and per-developer licensing models at the same time.