Servicestack.Text/Redis Sentinel (SS 5.1.1)

Just upgraded to SS 5.1.1 through myget, and my Redis Sentinel if failing to start with a System.TypeLoadException (Could not load type ServiceStack.Text.Pools.BufferPool). Is the new Redis Sentinel code .NET Core only? Am I missing a reference to something?

This is the very first time I’ve used 5.1.1 so I don’t think it’s a myget cache issue…

Full stack trace:

at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisNativeClient…ctor(RedisEndpoint config)
at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisClient…ctor(RedisEndpoint config)
at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisSentinelWorker…ctor(RedisSentinel sentinel, RedisEndpoint sentinelEndpoint)
at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisSentinel.GetNextSentinel()
at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisSentinel.GetValidSentinelWorker()
at ServiceStack.Redis.RedisSentinel.Start()
at SkynetApi.Global.AppHost.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.b__2(Container c) in [redacted]\Global.asax.cs:line 370
at Funq.Container.ResolveImpl[TService](String name, Boolean throwIfMissing)"

You’ll need to clear your Nuget cache:

$ nuget locals all -clear

Yep, thanks, I thought that wasn’t necessary for the first time I opted in to the prerelease build.

These Exceptions are always due to dirty dlls and will need to clear your NuGet packages cache whenever you hit them.

Since the v5.1.1 MyGet packages are frequently updated, this error is the result of trying to use an old v5.1.1 ServiceStack.Text with a new v5.1.1 ServiceStack.Redis .dll

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