ServiceStack v6.4!

v6.4 Released

RAD Blazor

We’re excited to announce exciting new Blazor Components enabling a compelling a Rapid Application Development platform for Blazor Apps delivering many of the productivity benefits previously limited to

Our new native Blazor Components allows for a beautiful progression story where you can start with a Database-First Locode solution to instantly generate Data Models and CRUD APIs around your existing databases that thanks to the new AutoQueryGrid Blazor component will be able to trivially implement both CRUD UI’s and optimized Blazor UIs in the same Blazor App.

Blazor Server Template


We’re happy to announce our new Blazor Server App template offering a number compelling advantages over Blazor WASM, including:

  • A superior dev model and debugging experience
  • Improved live-reload and faster iterative dev cycles
  • Full access to .NET Server functionality
  • Better start times & UI responsiveness
  • Less complexity from unnecessary client project or pre-rendering solutions

Blazor Component Gallery


To better showcase our growing Blazor functionality we’ve created new Blazor Gallery websites showcasing usage of available rich Blazor Components for rapidly develop beautiful Tailwind Web Apps available in both Blazor Server and Blazor WASM Web Apps.

Debug DB Migrations from IDE

We’ve continued improving our story around Code-First DB Migrations and have created a new video demonstrating how it can be used to maintain DB Schema migrations under a typical development workflow.

As they encourage a structured workflow for incremental development of new App features we’ve upgraded all modern templates to adopt DB Migrations for creating and populating their App DB.

A benefit of DB Migrations being implemented in a library instead of wrapped up behind an external tool, is that it’s better integrated and more versatile in supporting more executable options like being able to run from code, a feature the new MigrationTasks Explicit TestFixture benefits from enabling DB Migrations to be run or debugged directly from within your IDE.

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